Dear Friend,

At Communities In Schools of Nassau County, "Helping kids prepare for life" is more than just a catchy slogan.  It's our reason for existing.

Our mission is to help create caring, successful adults by connecting students with the resources available within our community to help them stay in school, successfully learn, and prepare for life.  We meet this charge daily through a variety of programs that share a common theme: Creating positive relationships with the students we serve.

We are excited about the opportunities that the 21st century will bring for Nassau County students.  We believe that CIS will be instrumental in helping students prepare to succeed beyond their wildest imaginations, and we are grateful to the Nassau County School District for allowing us the privilege of working with these students.  We are fortunate as well to have many business and community partners, whose invaluable assistance allows us to focus our efforts where they belong - on our students.

Together, we are laying the foundation for a future filled with fantastic success!