“Communities In Schools is the largest free youth-serving organization in Nassau County. During the past year 1,029 teens across the County received intensive services, and an additional 2,576 students were provided short-term, walk-in or referral services.

Al Watson
CIS Chair 2005-2006

CIS is dedicated to helping youth succeed in school, graduate, and prepare for a productive life. In-school tutoring, after school academic programs, career exploration and individual coaching services are provided during and after school hours at each school site where they are most accessible to students. Teens at-risk for any reason have easy access to CIS staff based at their school, and programs and services are delivered and coordinated through input from students, parents, teachers and counselors.

CIS is a terrific model for people who want to make a difference in the lives of youth in our community. This is a program that is really worthwhile – statistically we can show that it’s worthwhile, and the rewards you receive from being involved…it would be difficult to find that reward in any other volunteer endeavor.”

2005-2006 Volunteers
Time & Talent Investors
Linda Asay
Louise Banks
Jean Bardes
Lisa Bauer
Sheila Bazar
Cherie Billings
Jeff Blake
Mike Branch
Keith Broussard
Jo Cain
Sandy Caliendo
Danni Canfield
Kim Carter
Jamie Clark
Terry Collins
Jody Conklin
Anita Cooper
Les Davis
Becky Dawkins
Teresa Dawsey
Wanda Dawson
Regina Duncan
Todd Duncan
Tina Dunlap
Irv Dunn
Taylor Edwards
Catherine Eleazer
Healy Elmer
Keith Erdahl
Roben Faircloth
Lita Fannon
Brian Flick
Shelby Flanagan
Jason Fouraker
Nancy Freeman
Carmen Godwin
Tom Graham
Dawn Grant
Eugene Grant

Marion Grant
Doug Green
Anthony Griffin
Charles Griffin
Sgt. Dave Griffin
Barb Gustafson
Gus Gustafson
Joanne Harvey
Dallas Hempstead
Michael Hubbard
Bob Hughes
Tom Hughes
Sue Jarzyna
Bruce Jasinsky
Herb Jervis
Freddie Johnson
Ted Jones
Shirley Jordan
Tori Kaplan
Rich Kendel
Christy King
Lyn King
Eileen Klein
Liz Kossakowski
John Landregan
Donna Lane
John Lebran
Denise Legg
Josh Legg
Jennifer Lo
Signe Lupfer
Stacye Lusk
Kay McAllister
Mack McAllister
Jim McCannell
Sue McCannell
Sean McGill
Lila Mayo
Cynde Maxwell
Bryce Miller
Rhonda Norheim
Leslie Nurse
Maureen Olson
Herb Owen
Molly Pacius
Michael Pallen
Joe Parsons
Florence Partin
Deborah Peters
Mike Pittius
Andreu Powell
Bob Powell
Terry Powell
Wendy Prather
Sandy Price
Michael Rodriguez
Dave Rose
Derek Rowan
Kim Sage
Laily Schlegel
Sgt. Scott
Tommy Seagraves
Barbara Smith
Jamie Smith
Mike Smith
Donna Spera
Charlie Steinkamp
Mary Steinkamp
Winifred Stephenson
Thomas Stratis
Chelsea Susbilla
Stephanie Susbilla
Jeremy Thamer
Sue Walsh
Mauren Watson
Sarah Wayne
Dan Whitfield
Lauren Whitfield
Robin Whitfield
Larry Williams
Nan Williams
Peter von Dyck
Jim Zyboyovsky

We Need You!
CIS volunteers are essential to our programs in Nassau County.
There are many opportunities that are available for volunteers at our different school sites:

• In School Tutors
• After School Tutors
• After School Homework Help
• Mentors
• Guest Speakers
• Enrichment Activity Leaders
• Classroom Guest Speakers
• Career Coaches
• Interview Challenge Judges
Other Opportunities
• Special Events
• Fundraising
• Administrative
• Technology

2006-2007 Board of Directors

Phil Schweizer, Chairman
Sue Nelson, Vice Chairman
Mary Jervis, Secretary
Melvin Usery, Treasurer
Gail Cook, Asst. Secretary
Dr. John Mazzella, Asst. Treasurer
Al Watson, Immediate Past Chair
Susan Milana, Executive Director
Vicki Beaudry
Merritt Carlton
Dana FitzGerald
DeArmas Graham
Jeff Kane
Rick Keffer
Dr. Denise McDonald
Foy Maloy
Bob Powell
Dr. John Ruis
Tonda Tan
Joseph R. Walker

Help our Kids Succeed!