Legislative Update

The Legislature returned to Tallahassee for a second special session on April 29, 2002. By the end of the session on May 14, they are expected to pass a final budget bill for FY 02-03.

Currently, CIS is in both the House and Senate budgets for $1 million, which is consistent with the appropriation given in FY 01-02. The House budget bill also contains proviso language relating to the allocation of the appropriation between CIS of Florida and the local CIS programs, while the Senate bill does not.

Take Stock In Children is in the House budget bill at $5 million, and in the Senate bill at $4.3 million, which was the funding level in FY 01-02.

Please take the time to contact the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, and members of the Legislature via e-mail and advise them of your support of CIS and Take Stock. You can find up-to-date contact information, including phone, fax, and e-mail addresses, on the Legislature's website (www.leg.state.fl.us) or the official state website (www.myflorida.com).

Gov. Jeb Bush:   

Lt. Gov. Frank Brogan:   

To e-mail members of the House of Representatives, use the following format:    lastname.firstname@leg.state.fl.us

To e-mail members of the Senate, use the following format:    lastname.firstname.web@leg.state.fl.us

Should you have any questions regarding the legislative process, or if you would like information on what CIS and Take Stock are doing in Nassau County, please call the CIS office at (904) 321-2000. Thank you for your support!