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What people are saying "One of our school district's core values is that "the community is strengthened when the potential of each person is developed." Our partnership with CIS allows this value to be exemplified not only in word, but in deed as well."
– Dr. John Ruis, CIS Board Member
What people are saying "I think CIS is doing an excellent job here at HMSHS. They helped my daughter get a job at Kings Bay Naval Station and this could lead to great career for her. It's a blessing to have this program in our school."
– Mrs. Gwen Everett, Hilliard Parent
What people are saying "Whenever I have the opportunity, I talk to young people about the power of choice. I tell kids that hard work really does pay dividends and that success is not an accident. I am a Century Club supporter of CIS because my career in law enforcement has taught me that education is the real silver bullet, especially for those kids facing special hardships. Our communities can't afford to loose our young people to a life of crime, drug addiction, and joblessness, simply because they stumbled at the starting line. The smart money is on early intervention, personal commitment, and programming that really works."
– James T. Hurley, Chief of Police, Fernandina Beach, FL
What people are saying "Some of my dreams when I grow up are to be a professional musician or a cardiovascular doctor. CIS can help me achieve those dreams! CIS made my life in school less stressful. I have also learned how to better help others as a tutor to younger grades."
– Chanelle, Yulee Student
What people are saying "CIS is a very good program because they are here to help the children. The program coordinators spend a lot of time helping the students prepare for their future."
– Mrs. Sandra Johnson, Hilliard Parent
What people are saying "When an automobile battery is manufactured it must be fully charged before it can function to its full potential. A partially charged battery will never perform the way it was designed to perform. Each person begins just like a battery. All of the components are there but they need to be charged for action. An automobile battery can be charged by electricity while education is the charge that allows people to function at their very best. CIS is an organization that can provide the extra charge that some kids need to get their intellectual battery fully charged. Every day the staff and volunteers at CIS are helping kids overcome their learning difficulties. It doesn't matter whether the kids lack motivation, have poor study habits or just fell behind in class and can't catch up; CIS is there to provide a boost."
– Robert Odom, CIS Nassau Investor
What people are saying "The CIS Program has had a big impact on my choice of careers. At first, I wasn't sure how I could go to college or if I could afford it. The CIS Program introduced me to several scholarship programs that I probably will take advantage of in my upcoming years."
– Austin, Hilliard Student
What people are saying "It brought up my science from a D to a B. It helped me improve and they keep you entertained and fed."
– Laquan, Callahan Student
What people are saying "Communities In Schools opened my eyes to the overwhelming needs of the children of this community. CIS is a results driven program that has made measurable differences in the lives of many students in Nassau County. The staff, the volunteers and the participants are focused on their goals and are succeeding in their efforts to keep our children in school and to prepare them for a productive life. I love working with all of them and being a part of this success story."
– Sue Nelson, CIS Board Member
What people are saying "Communities In Schools of Nassau County is the only comprehensive drop out prevention program available to our students. Without it, many of our at risk students would not receive adequate help or services. Supporting Communities in Schools is investing in the future of Nassau County and our local quality of life. Without local support and monetary contributions, Communities in Schools cannot survive. Please do your part in supporting this vital program."
– Dr. John Mazzella, CIS Board Member
What people are saying "The CIS Dream Team is very helpful to me because it helps with my grades and my anger problems."
– Stan, Yulee Student
What people are saying "We support Communities In Schools because it fulfills the need for additional help for those children with the greatest needs in our community."
– Phyllis & Frank Helmes, CIS Nassau Investors
What people are saying "Having seen the young people touched in a meaningful way in our community, I can't imagine not supporting Communities In Schools. Each of us has the opportunity to give to many organizations; CIS is high on my list because, quite simply, it works."
– Chip Townsend, CIS Nassau Investor

What people are saying "We support CIS because every child deserves a chance to be successful in life and Communities In Schools is committed to providing that opportunity. CIS is great for Nassau County."
– Phil & Kim Schweizer, CIS Nassau Investors
What people are saying "The CIS Dream Team is very helpful to me because it helps with my grades and my anger problems."
– Aaron, Yulee Student
What people are saying "Communities In Schools is a champion in our community, with a proven track record of success. CIS helps to build a strong foundation for children, providing them with tools that they need to achieve in school, and ultimately, in life. By supporting CIS financially or by volunteering, you can make a positive impact in the life of a child, and a true investment in the future of our community. I encourage everyone to find out how they can be part of CIS."
– Brandy Carvalho, CIS Board Member
What people are saying "We believe in CIS because schools are the essence of our community and nothing does more to support our students than CIS of Nassau County."
– Hollie and Rick Keffer, CIS Nassau Investors
What people are saying "I am a 2008 graduate of HMSHS. I have been in the different CIS programs for four years. They have helped me to know what is required to get a job by helping me with applications, resumes, and with interviews. They have also brought in many interesting speakers and taken us on college field trips. I have had a lot of fun and interesting experiences in my years with CIS and they are there to listen. The things I have learned will help me with my career choices and success for the rest of my life."
– J.P., Hilliard Student
What people are saying "Honestly, sometimes my mom doesn't understand my homework even if she tries to help me. So when I need help now I get it from Mr. Ross at CIS. Now it's easier for me to understand my work. I feel safe at CIS after school and I know they care about me."
– Tanya, Fernandina Beach Student
What people are saying "CIS makes a difference one child at a time. Teachers, staff, and volunteers from the community all work together with CIS to make sure every child believes education is important and that there is someone who cares that they succeed. I feel that CIS has been instrumental in the "A" rating that not only the students, but our schools and our district receive. Can you play a role in making a difference in a child's life?"
– Gail Cook, CIS Board Member
What people are saying "Communities In Schools has really helped me with my people skills."
– Magan, Hilliard Student
What people are saying "The CIS Career Program is a great opportunity for kids to find out what they are interested in and the choices that are available to them. It helps kids keep their minds open to all possibilities when it comes to their future. Not only is it fun and the people care for you, it gives you a lot of great experiences that that will stick with you when you are setting goals for your future. When you come to the program, you know that the people here care about your future and want you to be successful. They care about your future because you are the future."
– Kendra, Hilliard Student
What people are saying "As a parent of two young children, I feel that it is extremely important for my wife and I to take an active interest in the educational enhancement programs offered in our community. CIS has a mission that has measurable results for its participants and for our future success as a community. By supporting CIS with my time and resources, I feel that I will benefit both personally and professionally as a recipient of the program's successes."
– Matthew Millar, CIS Board Member
What people are saying "CIS has really helped me with my interview skills so I can get a good job some day."
– Dillon, Hilliard Student
What people are saying "CIS has provided me an opportunity to share my abilities with school children who can benefit from them. The gratification that I experience when I learn of our youngsters improvement in an area of struggle enriches my life."
– Jim Facciolo, CIS Board Member
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