Take Stock In Children is a non-profit program that provides deserving low-income children in our community with scholarships to college or vocational school, guidance from caring adults and hope for the future.  Since 1995, Take Stock has enrolled thousands of children statewide, and 96% of them have remained committed to the program.

To be in the program, children must:

Upon graduation from high school, each student who has honored the Take Stock In Children commitment receives a scholarship for four years of college tuition or two years of vocational or technical education. 

Students enjoying the Take Stock "Rally in Tally!"

Lots of people do!

Many others who are willing to donate an hour of their time!

Mentoring Works!


As a mentor, you:

Your weekly mentoring session will take place on the school campus at a time that is convenient for both you and your student.  In addition, you'll have the support of Take Stock throughout the mentoring process.

You can get involved by mentoring a scholarship recipient for one hour a week at one of our local school sites, or help to sponsor a scholarship for a Nassau County student by making a financial contribution to Take Stock In Children of Nassau County.

Scholarships. Mentors. Hope.

When you support Take Stock In Children, you help to provide these things and so much more to deserving low-income students and their families. To find out more about how you can support Take Stock, please call at (904) 321-2000.